Venture Bulletin


  • First Time Guests

    If this is your first time at Venture, we are so glad you chose to spend an hour of your day with us! Please fill out a CONNECT CARD (found in your seat or the one next to you) and take it to the welcome table on your way out. You will receive a FREE Venture t-shirt just for being our guest!

  • Welcome Odessa Christian Church Youth

    This week one of our supporting churches and Odessa's own youth will be serving our community in various capacities.  Please welcome them and if you want to help keep them well fed while they are here please see Shyra after church! 

  • Order of Service

    Song: 'Raise a Hallelujah'

    Song: 'Never Lost'

    Song: 'I Speak Jesus'



    Song: 'This is How I Fight My Battles'


  • Building Project

    Current estimates predict the renovation being done on July 7th...then a waiting game for the fire marshal to approve occupancy.

    To keep up-to-date on the building project, check out our website and click on the "Building Project" tab.

    The address of the new building 25133 Lakecrest Manor Drive, Katy.

  • Children's Ministry

    Take advantage of our Children's Church!  It is available for ALL children through 4th grade. You can check them in before the music begins at the table located at the entrance to Theatre 11. 

  • Communion

    Communion tables are located on either side down front as well as a table at the top back right of the theatre.  During communion time, when you get your cups, there are two parts; the bread is located under the cup of juice.  You take the elements whenever you are ready.  There are also trashcans for throwing away your trash when you exit the theatre.  

  • New Counseling Center

    Be praying for "Testimony Christ-Centered Counseling" as it has begun operation! Pray for hope and healing for those seeking help.  Visit the website HERE for more info.

  • Youth Group

    9th-12th Grade meets on Tuesdays from 4:30pm-6:00pm, then  6th-8th grade from 6:00pm-7:15pm at the new building.  If you're interested in getting involved, please see Michelle Hanke or text her at (317) 502-5320.

  • Ways to Give

    At Venture, we have two ways that you can give to the mission of VCC.  Each week there are offering baskets available or you can give online any time at

  • After the Service

    If you would like prayer or discussion regarding making a decision for Jesus, Nathan will be available in the lobby after the service. You can also email to set up an appointment.