This Is US

VENTURE’S VISION: Pursuing Christ Together

God has ferociously pursued each of us from the second we were born. Our church exists to pursue Him back. The best way to pursue the Lord is to do it together. 


We believe It’s okay to not be okay. We believe God created a place where we can be transparent, open and authentic - the church. If you have had addictions, hurts, hangups, struggles, or simply are at the end of your rope, you’re in the right place! Church should not be a place where we hide our struggles, but where we reveal our struggles, so family can lift us up. Venture is a community where messy people are welcome, because it’s the only kind of person there is.

You can belong before you believe. You don’t have to agree and believe like us in order to be a part of us. God created each of us to belong to a community. We can even disagree on which college football team is the best - it doesn’t matter. As much as I love our church, we would be better if you were a part of it.

We believe everyone matters. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from. You matter to God - and to us. The person on stage does not matter more than the person in the crowd. 

We believe Church is a team sport. Everybody gets in the game! Nobody stays on the bench. You may feel you don’t have much to offer, but we believe God has uniquely gifted you to make a difference for others. We can only reach our potential when our faith goes beyond our head and heart - but it goes to our hands. 

We believe Jesus changes lives. Not our preacher, not any organization, not even our church can change someone’s life. Only Jesus can reach into someone’s heart and internally change them. If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation!

Our Plan

Our plan is to start a church who brings people to Jesus, grows people in Jesus and equips people for serving Jesus. Our desire is to do what Jesus came to do: to seek and to save those who are lost. (Luke 19:10) We are all imperfect people in need of a Savior. And we are so grateful God provided that which we desperately need - in giving His Son Jesus for us all (John 3:16).