Building Something Eternal

On December 6th, 2020 Venture announced that we are in the exciting process of purchasing a building east of Legacy Stadium on Katy Ft. Bend Road. This is a huge step for us, not just because we will have a permanent facility to meet in on Sundays, but because this building will be used as a tool to impact many lives. Plans are in the works to utilize this facility as a community center that hosts gymnastics classes during the week, a counseling center, a safe and friendly environment for sports of all kinds. It will be a place that offers prayer, the hope of the Gospel, teaching of God's Word and a community of people that genuinely love each other and the people of Katy, TX. 

Building Announcement


Renovations Have Begun!

As of Thursday March 23rd,  2021 renovations to our new building have begun. Projects like a new lobby wall, main entry doors, stairs, parking lot, paint, and a dedicated children's area are now in motion.